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How To Get Jotunn – 2020 Easy Method

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The Jotunn Exotic Fusion Rifle is currently performing well in both crucible and PVE content, making it an important tool in any player’s arsenal. Actually unlocking Jotun can cause trouble for some players, as it will probably come to luck. However, there are a few ways to improve your chances of getting Jotunn in Destiny 2.

Before we discuss How To Get Jotunn, first we discuss what is the what is Destiny 2? and some relevant points.


What is Destiny 2?


Destiny 2 (also known as Destiny 2: New Light) is a free-to-play online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie. It was released on September 6, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, followed by the Microsoft Windows version on October 24, 2017. It became a free-to-play title on October 1, 2019, after which the game was released on Google Stadia the following month. It will be available in late 2020 on their respective releases on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X platforms. The game was published by Activision until December 31, 2018, (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn) when Bungie acquired the franchise’s publishing rights. It is the sequel to 2014’s Destiny and its subsequent expansion.

Set in the “mythology science” world, the game features a multiplayer “shared-world” environment with elements from the role-playing games. Like the original, activities in Destiny 2 are divided into player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) game types. In addition to the usual story missions, PvE has three-player “strikes” and six-player raids. A free revolving patrol mode is also available for each planet and new activities are not introduced as well as public events. These new activities emphasize planetary exploration and interaction with non-player characters (NPCs); The original destiny depicted NPCs only in social spaces. PvP includes objective-based modes, as well as traditional deathmatch game modes.

Destiny 2 Game Screenshots 3
Destiny 2 Game Screenshots 3 (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn)

The players play the role of a Guardian, the protector of Earth’s last safe city as they use a force called Light to protect the Last City from different alien races. One of these breeds, Cabela, led by Sardar Dominus Gaul, invades the Last City and removes all the Guardians of his Light. The player sets out on a journey to regain his light and find a way to defeat Gaul and his Red Army and take back the Last City.

Like the original Destiny, the game has expansion packs that advance the story and add new content and missions. Year One of Destiny 2 saw two smaller expansions, Curse of Osiris in December 2017 and Warmind in May 2018. A third, major expansion, Forsen, was released in September 2018, with Year Two commencing with an overhaul on the gameplay. The base game and the first three expansions were packaged in Destiny 2: Foursecond Legendary Collection. An annual pass was also available with this release, (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn) with three premium content drops for year two.

The year began on October 3, 2019, with a major expansion, Shadowaki. This is a standalone release, which does not require previous expansion to play. With this fourth expansion, there was a version of Destiny 2 called New Light, a free-to-play release of Destiny 2 and the first two expansions. Separate seasonal passes are also available for each season’s content. Another expansion, Beyond Light, is scheduled for release in September 2020, with two more extensions, The Witch Queen and Lightfall, planned for release in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Upon release, Destiny 2 received generally favorable reviews from critics. The game was praised for many improvements over its predecessor. The original Destiny received much critical acclaim for its story, but Destiny 2 was praised as a “more strong story” and villain. As with the original, the gameplay was praised for the most part, as well as its graphics, multiplayer, and public events. (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn) The reviews were divided into new activities such as weapons redistribution, Leviathan raids, Crucible Mode and Adventures, and the Lost Sector, but praise on the game world exploration was unanimous. The change to PvP was hailed by some critics, though others were critical of the player’s lack of choice. Destiny 2 was nominated for various awards, such as the Game Awards 2017 and Game Critics Awards.


How to get into Destiny 2


Destiny 2 Game Screenshots 2
Destiny 2 Game Screenshots 2 (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn)

Destiny 2 is now free-to-play, and is on Steam, meaning that many new players will make their first contact with a shared-world shooter powered by Bungi’s loot. Destiny 2 has grown a lot since September 2017, and all of this may seem a bit misleading at the beginning, so we have produced this guide. To help with what can be expected from Destiny 2 New Light and Shadowyque, it is a cheat sheet of sorts.


What do I get with New Light?


If you pick up New Light, and only New Light, you get access to the base game of Destiny 2 and all Year One content. This means that you are getting Destiny 2 and Curse of Osiris / Warmind expansion. What you don’t get is story content within Fursona, a two-season pass story, or Shadowyque any year.

On top of that, Bungie has promised that the new Guardian will also receive some repurposed segments from Destiny 1, including the Cosmodrome. (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn) This will allow new players to understand why guardians are important and can build a grounded understanding of lore that extends throughout Destiny. Essentially, this is a better jumping-off point for those completely new to the series.

Even if you don’t have access to the elements of the story from Year Two, you’ll still be able to explore the world in those detail, as well as additional content, such as strikes, event space, and raids.

This is a huge step forward for Bungie as it literally means that you have nothing to gain access to hundreds of hours of Destiny, and you can play with your friends for free. Even if you are on the fence, it is worth giving it a shot. If you like it enough, you can always invest in the year two season pass and Shadowhick, which will net you everything, which has to be submitted from September 2017 to September 2019.


So, I know if extensions are free but what exactly do they contain?


There is a good bit of content spread in all areas and areas that you get for free with new lighting. It is one that is included in each section of the game.

Destiny 2

This is the base game, you will get exclusive access to Leviathan Raid, All Standard Strike, EDZ (Earth), Nessus, Titan and IO and access to standard PvP Crucy content.

Curse of Osiris 

The small expanse that connects Mercury as a (limited) exploratory zone. The expansion rag Warlock combines a small sprint of story missions with a focus on Osiris and includes the redesigned Red Lair, Eater of Worlds. The Curse of Osiris also lets you move towards some themed weapons, although none of them are particularly great at the moment in PvE or PvP. One for collectors.


Warmind covers the revival of an AI Rasputin from Destiny. This adds a new locale to Mars, the escalation protocol Horde Mode mode, and some tweaks to the PvP format. There was not much to this expansion outside of gathering a lot of resources, but the escalation protocol was fun, challenging, and added one of the most ridiculous shotguns to Destiny 2.


It was a biggie, it added two new territories, Dreaming City and Tangled Shore, on top of a new PvPvE (Player vs. Environment) game mode called Gambit, The Blind Well, and the Last Maid called The Last Wish goes. In addition, it was Destiny 2’s first level cap increase, from 30 to 50, with new weapons like bows and a third skill tree for each type of Guardian. For many people, this is a destiny-setting expansion and is a must if you enjoy the free New Light Story mission.

Forge’s season

As the first official season in Destiny 2, Year Two, Forge’s season was a mixed bag, mostly because it required players to grind too much to reach new events. Forge’s season adds Black Armory content, which added 1-3 player Lodge Forge’s challenges to pre-existing fields. It also included Past’s raid. Forces let you work towards crafting weapon archetypes, and you can do this repeatedly to land the correct randomized weapon roll. Also, a good few new alien weapons that were added as quests / hidden prizes.

Drifter season

If you don’t like Gambit, this could be the biggest letdown. It added a new version of Gambit, Gambit Prime, Allegis searching, and reckoning events. It was bundled with some quality of life updates, some alien quests, and new maps for existing modes, but largely not much to play through.

Season of Opulence

The opulence comes swinging with a new raid called the Crown of Soros, a new 6 Man PvE mode called Menagerie, and a few more exotic quests. The expansion also drives you that you can slot in a sphere to guarantee a few drops in the menagerie. This is a good activity and a great way to round up your gun collection.

And in all those expansions, the Niyati story and the myths of Niyati 2 were expanded time and time again with every update.


Which class should I play?


Destiny 2 Game Screenshots
Destiny 2 Game Screenshots (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn)

You have three character slots in Destiny 2 and three classes. If you really love Destiny, you can maximize one of each class, or level three Titans if you absolutely want to.


Hunters are stealthy creatures, focusing on setting traps and killing ill-fated rebels. His major supers include a bow and arrow that can hit enemies in one place (fantastic in PvP), a multi-shot revolver that can kill a fellow Guardian with a pull of the trigger, and a staff -Fielding, Jedi-Like, Super who shakes anything he touches death. His primary role is to clear small enemies in the swats (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn) or deal with the most damage in the game with the Gunslinger Super and Celestial Nighthawk alien helmets.


These people are literal space magicians. Casting massively destructive orbs, shooting lightning from their chests/fingers, and flying with a flaming sword are some of the more iconic supers, but the most common is now their good of incredibly strong radiance that can match any and every team. Serves as an auxiliary device. More often than not, Warlock serves as a supporting role, ensuring that no one on the team comes in during difficult activities, but thanks to the variety of their kits they can do a lot.


wide shoulders and narrow room for error, the Titans are currently one of the more underrepresented classes in Destiny 2. But, this does not mean that they do not serve a purpose. Titans can rain down swinging hammers, fire through the air like an electrified missile, and use a shield to defend the enemy or rescue incoming bullets. The Titans are incredibly prominent in PvP thanks to their one-hit KO. Shoulder bags and often during team events rely on big enemies to implement a debate. More often than not, Titans can be very flexible but are not as excellent as a supporting class or your primary source of damage.

Realistically, you can play any class you like and their kits are all unique in their own way – covering one of three energy types (zero, solar, and arc) through each subclass. Thanks to the structure of Destiny 2, you’ll often find that building and switching between multiple characters don’t affect your ability to fight the dungeons with all your favorite weapons.


What is the best way to level up?


You must have heard this advice when it comes to Destiny and a heap of fanatics: maximum level, and then the “real game” begins. With the arrival of Shadowkim and Year Three, that old saying is now gone.

Now all characters start without a level and have a base power level of 750, making them strong enough to experience any one year and year two content without the need to participate in a tedious piece. That being said, XP still remains and now there is funnel between your seasonal artwork and your season pass.


How do I improve my season pass / seasonal artwork?


The simplest answer is getting XP here. Now that the Fireteam medal is a thing of the past, there is little in the way of promoting your XP outside of some ghost shells.

Thankfully everything in the entire galaxy helps XP grind. Popping Heads, Bounties, Event Participation. The main thing is to keep playing. If you meet all your rewards on one character, then just hop on the next. Because season passes and seasonal artifacts are linked to your account, any experience gained on any character contributes to your overall levels.


Power level piece


Destiny 2 Game Screenshots 7
Destiny 2 Game Screenshots 7 (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn)

After reaching the level cap, the next step is to grind your power level. Power levels determine which activities you are capable of entering and will also be measured as a means of survival.

Ideally, you want to hit the maximum power level that is supposed to be as fast as 960 power without the addition of seasonal artifact. Then mod, infuse, and find the right gear to your favorite shader.

The starting point in all of this is to complete activities that reward powerful gear. The powerful gear always guarantees a drop that is greater than or equal to your current power level up to 950. After that, you will need the pinnacle gear.

Each reward falls within a tier depending on the activity. So far we’ve only seen Tier 1, Tier 2, and Pinnacle gear, but with the VX offensive and new raids to be released, there may be higher levels to come.

Activities and their rewards

Level 1

  • Full 8 crucible bounty
  • Full 8 pawn bounty
  • Complete 8 Gambit Bounty
  • Complete 8 gunsmith bounty
  • Complete 3 nightmares
  • Complete 5 Nightfall: Order Moves
  • Complete 3 strikes matching elemental burn
  • Complete 8 Aris Morne Bounties
  • Complete a weekly story mission via Eris
  • Complete a memory on the moon
  • Complete bounties to satisfy a single ray
  • Full 3 crucible core match
  • Complete 3 crucible rotator matches
  • The completed event in Flashpoint location

Tier 2

  • Complete 3 gambling matches within a week
  • Complete your weekly clan contribution
  • Take part in Vex Offensive

Tier 3

  • Collect Vex Parts for Ecora Ray
  • Complete the garden of salvation

The peak

  • Over 100,000 scores in Nightfall: The Ordell

It is believed that the RAID and Vex offensive will enhance the Pinnacle and Tier 2 brackets, respectively. On top of that, players can earn extra powerful rewards by completing Exotic Quits and through random primes found in the Solar System and by the game.

Be sure to get a free Powerful Engram by visiting the Bungie Rewards page and redeem it on the platform of your choosing. This is a stop, but helps you on your way!


These are a lot of activities, what do I need to do to complete them? And what do I get? – Destiny 2 how to get jotunn


Public events

Public events are spread throughout the system and vary from planet to planet. They often require teamwork to save/destroy a localized objective and reward those who participate with chests that contain random loot. For additional loot, players can meet undercover circumstances during these events to receive additional rewards.

Destiny 2 Game Screenshots 8
Destiny 2 Game Screenshots 8 (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn)


This is your quintessential PvP playlist. Players are pitted against each other as teams or singles. Modes start with your specific deathmatch and move to more control-oriented variants. Every now and then there is also an opportunity to participate in a game mode called Mayhem in which the supers are automatically reproduced and everyone just goes wild. You get fairly normal loot per match completion, but can be called Velour by leveling through the inbuilt Crucible Experience System and completing weekly / daily activities for Powerful Gear and Legendary Gear. Additional crucible tokens are also awarded for each full match that can be traded in Saladin for further Legendary gear.

Iron Banner

The Iron Banner is a seasonal phenomenon in which players don’t differ much from the crucible in PvP modes, but this time you are likely to factor in all of your power levels. This means that players with the highest power levels are often. There is a slight advantage, but not so much that you don’t stand a chance.


The strike is like my recurring PvE missions which end in a boss fight. They are thick and fast and can be accessed through a directory of strike playlists. The difference between launching a strike from an associated planet and through a strike playlist is that strike playlists often have modifiers. Harder versions of the strike called Nightfall are also available. (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn) Nightfalls are like hard mode versions of your standard strikes, with a scoring system fixed by a particular card that allows you to bend the modifier for additional point multipliers. Each strike has its own specific weapon that you can unlock on a nightfall rotation, but all strikes end with a final chest that rewards glimmers, pawn tokens, and a piece of gear.


Gambit is a clever fusion of PvE and PvP. Players are tasked with harvesting the field to kill Amy’s enemies. Gathering enough emotions will make a boss known as vogue. His Prime Minister was the first to win. easy. One type. A level of intervening players may move during the round. After collecting a set amount of gestures, players can attack the opposing team’s arena to kill them and either heal the Prime Minister or force them to lose whatever they hold. So, in short, you create a big tug between the teams as you stop the invaders and whatever enemies are in your arena. Similar to the crucible, you gain gear, have some experience with an inbuilt system called InFile, and feed into your larger weekly activity goals.

Gambit Prime

Gambit had a bit of balance, catch-up mechanics, and match length, so Bungie tweaked it and re-released a new and more balanced version of Gambit called Gambit Prime. As before, player A.I. Enemies and other players, but this time it’s just one round. There are integrated roles with gears which are a bonus specific to this mode, it takes more mots to summon Primeval, and you can only damage Primal you can kill some enemies and stand in a crack. Joe spawns after falling. This is in many ways the more complex version of Gambit, but the overall theme remains the same. Again, it feeds into the Weekly Activity Goal, you get a piece of gear to complete, and you earn infamous points.

Destiny 2 Game Screenshots 6
Destiny 2 Game Screenshots 6 (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn)

Dainik Veer Kahani Mission

These are versions of the campaigns you have encountered throughout the campaign. As they are of a higher difficulty, you get better gear. There will be two opportunities a week to earn Legendary gear from these missions and another piece of Legendary gear to complete a total of three. Even when you have accomplished these goals, you are rewarded with a piece of gear upon completion, but it will not increase your overall power level.


As an addition to the drifter season, reckoning focuses primarily on wave-based PvE objectives. Players were prepared to complete one of three difficulties in a wave-based dash. If you are interested in hitting simultaneously under pressure, this is definitely the game mode for you. As an added bonus, if you are able to grant specific mots before entering the arena, you will enter special Legendary gear, which has bonus allowances specifically for Gambit Prime.

The Blind Well

The Blind Well is a tiered PvE encounter in which players kill hordes of enemies from safe targets. After completing a Tier 3 event, players unlock the ability to complete a Tier 4 blind well resulting in the Legendary Dreaming City gear. The most interesting aspect of The Blind Well is that it does not comply with the general restrictions of firearms within Destiny 2, allowing multiple fireteams to be rendered, for example.

Lost Forces

With the Black Armory in Lost Forces, four of them to be exact. The Lost Forces is another set of PvE events where players kill enemies who kill drop orbs, sinking those orbs into the forge until the next wave. When you clear two waves, you will fight a specific Lost Forge boss enemy and upon completion, you will be rewarded with Lost Forge’s distinctive weapons. If you complete a lost forge with a weapon level, you will also earn a new weapon. On top of that, completing the two-weapon frame within a week will also give you the Black Armory specific armor from Ada-1 in the tower.

Destiny 2 Game Screenshots 5
Destiny 2 Game Screenshots 5 (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn)

Vex Offensive

Check back on October 5 when activity stops!


Raids are the most complex events of the game. They are typically the most time consuming and completion results. An impression is a chance of earning a specific crossover and each encounter rewards the player with RAID specific gear. There are a total of six raids; Leviathan, Eater of the Worlds, Spire of Stars, Last Wish, Scour of the Past, and Crown of Sorrows. Each raid is wildly different from the last and ultimately requires six players to combine their powers to beat the boss.

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Seasonal events

Seasonal events are just that. You can earn a lot of rare gear during these periods by completing specific tasks. There are events for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, and a few others. They can also link to already existing modes and just add unique twists, for example, Valentine’s Event (Crimson Days) introduces two versus two crucible playlists for you, and you feel betrayed.

Escalation Protocol

Escalation protocol is another wave-based PvE event. It is located on Mars and moves for seven waves, the last of which is a massive boss battle. Similar to The Blind Well, you can get far more players in these events which is your standard three’s fireteam. For your efforts, you can get specific loot based on killing the boss, including the best shotgun in Destiny 2 and the specific escalation protocol shed.

The Manager

The most recent addition to Destiny. This allows up to 6 players to band together and moves through a series of rotating scenarios, ensuring much-needed variety. Instead of your typical three-man group, you can squeeze six Guardians into this activity. There is also an additional built-in item called a Chalisa that determines your rewards. Cialis allows players to slot in runs to determine their prizes, which are exclusive to all activity.

So basically, there is a lot of PvE events, and there enough PvP events to keep players invested. Each type of activity has its own specific rewards and with each season Bungie has begun to introduce peak weapons that encourage players to tackle each of them in different ways to unlock exclusive weapons. We do.


What is the difference in gear?


Getting a piece of gear in Destiny 2 is not enough, you need to find the right gear. Multiple characters can share weapons, ghosts, and sparrows, but they do not share armor. Each class also has a unique piece of armor; Macintosh for Hunters, Bond for Woundlock, and Scar for the Titans. Gears also have a rarity. Here’s a quick rundown and what they mean.


White in color and almost non-existent, these pieces of gear are just stones on your way to too much loot. Most, if not all, of the time, they will have an eccentric perk and are often very weak. After reaching the level cap you will not see any white gear, in fact, (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn) I do not think you will see much of it once you start to pick up the unusual level gear.


the next step from normal is abnormal. The unusual gear is green and has two perks. Although they are not nearly as bad as common gear, they are effectively just as bad compared to other gears. Like common gears, you will never see this gear type again until you reach the maximum level.


The Rare Tool is a soft blue and packs a soft punch. Despite their name, they will be the most common drop after they hit the level cap. Their biggest drawback is that they will not reach the maximum power level, dropping the maximum level of 20. Thankfully, they have three weapons to make them slightly more viable than the previous two rarities.


Destiny 2 revolves around the discovery of legendary gear and a perfect roll. As soon as you are conscious of the excitement associated with the deep purple of a famous piece of pop up gear, you will begin to examine all four perks on the weapon. Thanks to the rather elaborate pool of perks and modalities, you’ll never be satisfied with your first roll and when you eventually settle on your favorite build, you can start using the Masterwork Core to level the weapon. , Can increase its reload speed. Handling, or a multitude of other statistics to ensure that it is correct.

Destiny 2 Game Screenshots 10
Destiny 2 Game Screenshots 10 (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn)


As an assortment of the rarest item in Destiny 2, you will spend countless hours praying that the item looted is the alien you are hunting for. These are golden yellow pieces of gear, which build as you are playing. With the ability to equip an alien weapon and an alien piece of armor, you will need to consider carefully which pieces set precedent over all others and which subclass suits them best.

It goes without saying, but the gear is important. Whether it’s finding the right legendary rocket launcher with cluster bombs to defeat Ren, or simply looking for a good sniper rifle with snapshot landmarks and another elusive perk for PvP, you’re going to grind something. Thankfully many pieces of gear are either search rewards or specifically tied to certain activities.

When you combine all of this together, it’s easy to understand why Destiny 2 is such a huge, inclusive game. Almost everything is on a weekly basis and you can play up to three characters. You might be pushed hard to imagine playing a game for over 1,000 hours but when you start digging deeper and get the itch for rare weapons, you’ll lose days at a time.


How to get Jotunn foreign fusion rifle – How to get jotunn destiny 2


Like Le Monarch Exotic Bow, Jotunn is a drop exclusive to the Black Armory Forge. There are no Exotic Quants that reward Jotun and it will not randomly fall from a foreign Engram or be sold by XUR. While Le Monarque can be earned from any of the four forts, Jotun is only available through Burgussia, the last forge.

how to get jotunn 11
how to get jotunn 11 (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn)

What’s more, Jotun only has a chance to fall while making the golden weapon frame. These golden weapon frames are powerful weapon frames sold by Ada-1 each week. Players will only be able to create two of these powerful weapon frames with each being silver. Because each character can have only two powerful frames forged each week, a player with three characters has six chances to earn Jotun.

The process would look something like this: Choose a powerful frame and move it to the point where it is necessary to ignite a mesh to accomplish it. For the Burgusia forge (even if the frame says another forge) and ignite the forge. Once the Third-Wave Boss dies, the Powerful Weapon will become the Frame Weapon, it is at this point that Jotun has a chance to leave.


The best way to cultivate cultivation


Because Jotun only falls when creating a power frame, it is in the player’s best interest to make as many powerful frames as possible each week. A player with three characters is clearly going to have a better farming time for Jotun than someone with only one character.

While this has not been confirmed, it does not hurt to destroy the drone to achieve the maximum temperature. This will help those who have not finished the Mysterious Box Search and it can help achieve Jotun.

Jotun Perk

how to get jotunn 12
how to get jotunn 12 (Main Title:- How To Get Jotunn)

Jotun’s main appeal comes from its internal perk, the charge shot. Catch fire to charge a tracking shot that bursts and burns upon impact. The tracking of this projectile is only slightly offensive, nowhere near as true as the destruction. Players who have an ounce of warning can easily stop the bolt before it hits it. However, if a shot of Jotun connects, the impact damage and following burn are enough to kill a player in one shot.

This may sound excessive but players will only spawn with two shots for Jotun in the crucible. This makes it as viable as any other secondary, although being a foreigner it needs to be of some benefit to compete with other extremely popular options (Ace of Spades).

Jotunn’s specialty is perked shield disorder, making it extremely useful in PvE materials. The energy corresponds to a shield blast disorientation near the combat poets. Jotun is a solar weapon, so any enemy with a solar shield will be disturbed when the projectile is hit. This means that it would be easy to send Taken Knights and Captains, Hive Wizards, and some Kabal units to hit with Jotun once.

Getting Jotunn is quite easy, provided you have some luck on your side. The best way to improve your chances of achieving Jotun through powerful frame completion is to simply create more characters. For more information on completing your overseas collection, see the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide!

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