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How To Get To Moonglade Classic – Very Easy Trick

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Before we discuss How To Get To Moonglade Classic, first we discuss what is the Moonglade? and some relevant points.


What is the Moonglade?


What is the Moonglade
What is the Moonglade?

Moonglade (Moonglades and Moon Glade) is also spelled is a valley in northern Kalimdor that serves as a shelter for the druids and is also home to the Senarland Circle. Here, Toren and Raat peacefully unite with their reverence for the spirit of nature and enhance coexistence. The clash between the races in Moongalade is not tolerated by the Moongalade wardens stationed in the main town of Knithaven, who will respond to any violence initiated against individuals with favorable reputation with the Circle.

The reflection of the Moonglade within the Emerald Dream is the holiest place in the entire region. The rift of the altar is located here in Lake Eluniara.

The Demigod omen sleeps in the depths of the central lake, waking up every year around the time of the lunar festival, after which he is regularly put to rest. The Lunar Festival is also based in Nighthaven. The Moonkin Festival also takes place in the area.


History Of Moonglade


At the time of the War of the Ancients, Senorius lived within the Holy Mungulade. As the war on Kalimdor progressed and the number of legions increased, the Malfurian Stomerage realized that the elves of the night could not live alone. He convinced Tyrande Whisperwind and his brother Illidan to accompany the quiet Moonglade. They cut Senarius off for help. C After the Great Sundering, the keepers of the grove and the Dryad left the secluded Moonglade and reached the world. ing Moongalade was considered sacred to the night Yogini druids, in which Kaloreri society devote themselves more to nature worship and conservation. Senierius himself remains here.

During the Battle of the Satire, Malfurian Stromage summoned several druids who set up a new druid organization called the Senarian Circle to fight the Druids of the Skits.

During the Third War, a scourge force led by Ticondrius tried to bring garbage into the Malfurian’s body in the woods near the Strophage Barrow Danes. Approaching the Moonglade Isle, Tyrande Whisperwind, his watchdog, and several droids fought against a Horde base and the Isle guardians and retrieved the Horn of the Cenérie which woke the Malphorian from his slumber. Despite the presence of Skorj, the land of Moongalade was not shown.

Years after the Third War, Moongalade was opened to all hard races. Keeper Remulos became the new patron of Moongalade.

More recently, peace in Moongalade has been threatened as the bizarre creatures of Emerald Nightmare find a way into a wing of the Stormed Barrow Dens.

During the war against the Nightmare, the Peanuts were completely immersed in a dark mist, giving it the form of a graveyard. For a short time, Hamul Runototem taught Lucan Foxblade how to control his unique abilities here.

Shortly before the Holocaust, when Magatha Grimotem began the Torren leadership, the Torun of the Druidic stronghold Moongladé began their rebellion.

It was at Mongladé, where shortly after the defeat of Archimondes during the battle at Denner, the Malfurian Storamges were first made aware of Emerald Nightmare’s return. This news would signal Archidrid to return to the Valhalla on the Broken Isles.




During the third invasion of Azeroth’s Burning Legion, the Doom Guard Metron instigates Fongwood’s Jedifier satire to attack Moongalade. The attack was successfully defeated by forces sent from Dreamgrove. [1eated] On another occasion, the satire Stormrage managed to pick up the barrow dens and cause problems during the Moonkin Festival.




Moongalade is a mountainous forest area with countless mounds beneath which are the sanctuaries of other druids.  Green forests are untouched by corruption, ancient and strong, and it is surrounded by high mountains, taking shelter from the outside world. The sacred lake named Elunera can be found in the center of the glade itself. The only land route to Moongalade runs from the southwestern mountains via Timbermave Hold. The entire valley is a haven for both faction draws, a neutral area where training masters and jungle animals can learn from.




There is no battlefield of any kind and no battleground in Moongalade.




Although the region is extremely fertile and full of life, there are no strangely useful herbs here, nor is there any ore to speak of. As the creatures that live in the zone are all critters (except wolves helping omen, see wild creatures below) there is not much for the skinners to collect either. In contrast, the waters of Lake Elunara are plentiful in fish, particularly Greater Sagefish.


Notable character


Moongalade is home to several characters of note. In Nighthaven, Dendrite Starblaze assists the young druid in gaining the form of a bear, aqueous form, and the power to cure poison. Rabine Saturna imagines veteran heroes in the battle against Silithid, and at Remulos’ Shrine, Keeper Remulos attempts to cleanse the stain that has affected Sapna’s four-page dragons. Logan is the only druid trainer here. Even the Malfurian Stormreds themselves are known to make an appearance in the soul here.




After patch 4.0.3a, Moongalade has no existence of its own which will be directly classified as Moongalade. However, some quests send players to Moonglade as a stopgap in large quest chains (e.g. N. [Send0] Keeper’s favorite and A Hero’s Call: Mount Hazel! / H [warp] Warchair’s command: Mount Hazel!). This lunar festival is also included in the world event.


Getting There


Although Moonglade is a mostly peaceful and safe area, it is difficult to reach lower-level characters. To enter it by foot, you must first pass through the entire stretch of Fairwood, which is at the 45–50 zone level, beginning at Ashenvale.

The druids can learn to teleport themselves to Munglade at level 14, which makes it a lot easier for night elf druids to reach Darnassus and Darkshore when they need to. Horde druids can teleport there as well, but they are far from friendly territory compared to their coalition compatriots; Even it takes seven minutes to fly directly to Thunder Bluff.

After [Druid] [98 – 110] to The Dreamgrove is completed, [Dreamwalk] sends the druids to the Emerald Dreamway, where the Peanuts portal is located.

During the Lunar Festival, one can teleport to Moongalade after completing a quest and obtain a flight path for the latter.

You can also use a trick to get there from Darkshore. If you swim far north from the northern end of its coast, the atmosphere will change to green hills and your area will be ‘Moongalade’. You can enter the land, but cannot climb the mountains. Re-enter the water, but take care that you do not reach ‘The Veiled Sea’, but you will have to go through your path north of ‘The Veiled Sea’. Submerge yourself, and you will be in Moongalade.

There are also flight points for those who have already managed to obtain Moongalade, providing easy access in the future.

  • Alliance Flight Point: Near the road running on the southern shore of Lake Elunayra.
  • Horde Flight Point: Entrance northwest of Timbermove.

There are also neutral flying masters inside Knighthoven who can take the Elf Druids to the village of Ruthearn and deliver Thoron Druids to Thunder Bluff for free. Non-druids may not use the services of these flight masters.


Warcraft III


There is a non-campaign map named “Moongalade”. The tileset is called “Ashenvale”;

“These marshy lands have remained untouched by the military until now. A tribe of Forbolg resides here, but they do not welcome negotiators.”




moonglade war
Moonglade war

When the burning army ran heavily on the land in ancient times, the peanuts did not remain untouched. After the battle, the Druids went into deep meditation in the safe caves of the Barrow Danes, sending their minds to the plane of the Emerald Dream. The rest of the night the elves built the city of Knithaven to the north.

Before becoming Teldrasil, Mongladé surrounded the majority of the night’s total population, surrounded by old forest trees and ancestors who preferred solitude at communion with other races. To the north of Winterspring Grove along the lower slope of Mount Hazel is the border from Longwood to Peanut. Moongalade is a magical, sylvan forest, which is wrapped around forever. The moon remains high within the sky, illuminating the woodland with a downward glow. The land never withstands the climax of the season, thriving on the eve of a hot, endless summer. The night is considered sacred to the elves, Moonglade is home to the night elf races and powerful druids of the wild. Indeed, the druids had a long rest in meditation under the glade, until the return of the Burning Legion woke them. They stay awake, swear to protect nature, and heal the fragmented continent from their war wounds.

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The sacred forest of Knight Elves is home to many animals both dangerous and friendly. The Kaladori themselves live cautiously with wildlife, such as black tigers and bears hunting and hunting in the forest. Elves often catch proud saber cats to use as mounts, but encountering one in the wild is dangerous. Less harmony is enjoyed with the more dangerous denizens of the forest. The sarcasm – the cursed, deranged night elves – also linger here and the nighttime elves often come in seclusion. Some spread far and wide – by drinking the foul water of Felwood – will also attack passengers. Terrible wolf and hippopotamuses have also been seen in the area. Apart from these animals, there are also ancestors: sentient trees which act as protectors of the forest. Treants – small tree-male cousins ​​to ancestors – roam the Moonglade. These creatures act as fierce defenders of the forest. They do not hesitate to exert their influence on anyone who damages trees or harms nature. Many ancestors live in the forest near Knighthaven. To maintain the immortality of night time, these sensitive trees once had the important task of adding force to the ground. They now assist in the training of elves and help protect their village. The keepers of the grove are powerful druids called direct offspring of the demigod Senarius; They roam the peanuts sometimes as vigilant defenders.

Nighttime elves send these patrols out, although they mainly focus on defending Nighthaven and Barrow Danes. The vast forests and valleys of Moongalade are sparsely populated. The only settlement of any size is the night capital, Knighthoven.

The Gold Road once ran all the way from Barrens to the south to Moonglade and Knighthoven, but with Fellwood’s corruption, it became very isolated as strangers are no longer tolerated by Timbermobol.


Notes and General Knowledge


  • Peanuts are somewhat adapted to drastic magic when compared to a big city like Darnassus.
  • The Warcraft Encyclopedia pages refer to this area as the Moonglade of Mount Hazel.
  • The Malfurian said that he wanted to transfer the insane fandrel stage to the ground blade because it contained places that could catch sick or corrupt people of mind. Nevertheless, Fandral was next seen at Mount Hazel, from where he was taken to Moongalade.
  • Shortly before the Holocaust, Remulos planned to host a second meeting between Hamul Runnotem and Ellerhe Renferl.
  • Moonglade has four flight masters (Nighthaven in Silva Filneweth and Banten Plainswind, and Sindreel and Faustron in the south), although people in Nighthaven serve only Druid characters.
  • Although strong lore is associated with it, peanuts are an unexpected area in World of Warcraft. The reason for this is a combination of lack of resources as well as a low number of quests (almost none, especially after scattering). As a result, most players in the zone are taking flight paths elsewhere, using the zone as the second [hearthstone].
  • On the map of Warcraft III, Monglade was located south of Winterspring, east of Mount Hyal and northeast of Ashenvale. It seems to have been deferred.


How To Get To Moonglade Classic – A Guide for Non-Druid Players


how to get to moonglade classic 1
how to get to Moonglade classic 1

Moongalade, near the mountains, is very hard-centered, in different areas in the mountains. Hyjal. It is reached very quickly by the Druids at their level progressing through their class spell: Teleport to Moonglade. The Druids received some specialized training at Nighthaven, the soul settlement of the zone, along with some quests of their class.

For non-druids, the draw is the desire to complete one or more, or perhaps a total, of exploration, or simply to achieve very spectacular flight paths. There are also numbers for non-druids starting or ending at Moongalade. Whatever it is, because of them, many players, who are not as exposed to nature as their shapeshifting compatriots, want to find a way to a remote and mysterious realm. For those players, there are only two real options in the classic World of Warcraft.


Option 1: Darkness


How To Get To Moonglade Classic Darkshore
How To Get To Moonglade Classic Darkshore

The first and simplest method is that which can be done at any level. First, travel to Darkshore and head to the northeastern part of the zone, where the shore revolves north of the Kalimdor continent. Then, continue traveling north-east, then straight east, hugging the coast until you get a notification that you have entered and discovered the peanuts. Once you achieve this, just kill yourself! That’s right, the fastest path in the Druid realm is through Death! When you die, your soul will be pulled to the soul healer in Moongalade and you can be revived within the soul healer. Then just head north of the zone to Nighthaven and acquire the flight path to return whenever you like!

How To Get To Moonglade Classic Darkshore 2
How To Get To Moonglade Classic Darkshore 2

This method will be more difficult for Horde players, as traveling through the Darkshore can attract the attention of the Sentinel Guard. This is why it is recommended that you take off all your gear and leave it in your bank to avoid heavy repair costs. It is also a good idea for Alliance players to do the same, as you will have to kill yourself to reach Moongalade. So why a bill?


Option 2: Imbermaw Hold


How To Get To Moonglade Classic imbermaw Hold
How To Get To Moonglade Classic Imbermaw Hold

The less suicidal method of going to Moongalade will require you to level up enough to travel and fight in Felwood. The first step is to find the Iimbermav Hold in North Fairwood and meet that faction’s reputation, or grind the reputation by killing Deadwood Furlogs until they are at least friendly to you and your access to the inside of Timberm Hold is. Once this is achieved it is simply a matter of taking it within the tunnel that snakes north on your minimap. This tunnel will go directly towards Moongalade and once it becomes a small jog or can ride to Nighthaven, where you can get a flight path to the area.

How To Get To Moonglade Classic imbermaw Hold 2
How To Get To Moonglade Classic Imbermaw Hold 2

Alternatively, you can try the same trick as a method by dying in Fairwood and Timbermave Holds on as a ghost until you reach the Gonglade Spirit Healer. People with wickedness and invisibility may also try to sneak through the Timbermave Hold, even without bothering with a rep, although this is not recommended except at high levels.


Super Boring Option 3: Wait


How To Get To Moonglade Classic Wait
How To Get To Moonglade Classic Wait

You can just wait. Once a year, during the Lunar Festival, Nighthaven is also decorated for the holiday as well as selling interesting vanities and entertainment items. During this festival, all players of both factions can teleport to Moongalade independently and then obtain a flight route.

If you’re not a druid, that’s how you want to go to Moongalade. Hope it was helpful or at least entertaining. Drowning in fun, grinding, or waiting for rape and have a wonderful day.


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